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            Now Offering New-Crop Yellow Pea and Barley Contracts for 2016-2017

Dakota Dry Bean is your premier pea and barley-processing expert. Whether you are a grower or customer, to Dakota Dry Bean, you are our partner. Quality products, leading-edge processing techniques and quality relationships have made Dakota Dry Bean what it is today—product experts, trusted partners and premier processors.

At Dakota Dry Bean, we believe relationships are as important as our product, and we strive for the best of both. As an American-owned company, with American-produced products, Dakota Dry Bean ensures competitive pricing and prompt payment to our growers, and quality ingredients to our customers. All of our pea products are gluten free, kosher and non-GMO. Our barley products are also non-GMO.

Trust the professionals at Dakota Dry Bean to market and process the highest-quality pea and barley products.

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